Our Organization

I am Nischal Bandi, a senior attending Stratford Academy in Macon, GA. I founded this organization with the help of my older brother Shishir, a college student at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

What we do and why

I’ve been a part of my school’s math team since sixth grade. In middle school, we would always send a team to the regional MathCounts competition held at Mercer University. In sixth grade, I remember around sixteen teams being there, and the numbers were about the same throughout middle school. This past year, I was surprised to learn that only four middle schools showed up to the competition. This visible drop in interest inspired me to found this organization and try to spread a love and appreciation for STEM throughout my own home of Middle Georgia.

Our Vision

Young students often question why they have to learn math and science in school because they don’t know how that knowledge is applied or which jobs require them. By showing them different people using those skills in the real world, we can better introduce them to STEM and the importance of its associated fields in our lives.

SIMS Macon calls upon volunteer college students involved in STEM that either live or go to school in Middle Georgia to share their experiences with local elementary and middle school children. By bringing in people who actually use STEM knowledge, we can show young students that there are indeed practical applications for math and science that is taught in schools.

We also want to engage all kinds of local businesses for donations. SIMS Macon is a purely non-profit organization, and all the proceeds will be used to sponsor schools that wish to begin participating in math, science, and robotics competitions and to send deserving students to STEM camps of their choice. By involving local businesses and organizations, we can help young students further pursue their understanding of STEM topics and open up opportunities they may not have had before.

Our Mission 

The primary goal of SIMS Macon is to reinvigorate interest in the STEM fields in Macon and the surrounding counties that make up Middle Georgia. We seek to show students in elementary schools and middle schools what the STEM fields really are and the amazing opportunities they hold.