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15. Christine V.   (2017-10-19 11.01.23 AM)
Well-prepared, and suitably qualified work force is the need of the hour. Great initiative.

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14. Alan H Kaput   (2017-10-06 1.30.13 PM)
Great to hear about your initiative. We all need to focus on increasing the number of students pursuing STEM subjects, and ensuring students are well-prepared, and suitably qualified to engage in STEM careers.

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13. Dr. Steven Golubow   (2017-07-12 2.40.32 PM)
So great to see this push to get kids interested in science and math. We definitely need to work towards preparing our youth for the jobs of tomorrow, and its wonderful that you are promoting this in Macon on a local level. Great work.

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12. Kristina M.   (2017-06-23 7.59.33 AM)
We are all are partners in helping kids to pursue STEM studies. Thank you for helping to do this in our community. At the most basic level, STEM attempts to answer how things work that will help these young minds.

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11. D Mitchell   (2017-06-02 4.51.01 PM)
The potential of STEM fields is the need of the times we live currently. Great job trying to encourage the kids.

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10. Keatredge Frazier   (2017-05-23 5.57.18 PM)
Wishing you much success! Thank you for investing in our youth. Math, science and technology is the way of the future and this program could help our youth foster new interests in exciting and fun ways.

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9. Quinton Lightfoot   (2017-05-23 5.42.50 PM)
Keep up the good work. I wish you continued success in you initiative, educating young people is always a worthy cause.

Good Luck

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8. Steve Martin   (2017-05-16 5.40.51 PM)
We need more people to support incorporating STEM studies for young students. Great job for taking the initiative.

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7. Vicki Sheppard   (2017-05-12 2.16.58 PM)
SIMS Macon is a wonderful idea and I think it is great that someone is taking an interest in our your and promoting math and science skills. Congratulations and keep up the great work.

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6. Delta Corbin   (2017-05-12 10.11.39 AM)
Investing in our children is the smartest investment of all - Congratulations and God Bless.

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5. anthony clark   (2017-05-11 11.50.30 AM)
Good luck with your endeavor. STEM skills and knowledge will be essential to meeting the challenges of the new century, through scientific advances, technological innovation, and mathematics as a tool. The camps will help our young people to pursue the dreams.

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4. Hugh Smith   (2017-05-10 2.59.51 PM)
Congratulations for spreading the passion for math and science. Everyone needs to encourage the current and future generations of students, to understand and embrace the technology that affects them every day of their lives. Making science and math courses fun and interesting via the summer STEM camps will not only help students to learn, but might also plant the “seed of interest” that could grow into an exciting and rewarding STEM career. Good luck!!!

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3. Bill Strong   (2017-05-10 12.59.51 PM)
Looks like a purpose driven organization. Hope you are successful in your effort.

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2. Russell Vaughn   (2017-05-06 3.55.08 PM)
Good luck! Seems like a great cause.

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1. Danielle Gray   (2017-05-05 8.34.00 PM)
I applaud your initiative!


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