In our first year of action, we are proud to say that we have spread a passion for math/science throughout the Macon community. We have raised enough funds to sponsor a total of 21 kids to attend local math/science camps. Specifically, we have sponsored 10 kids to attend STEM Summer camps at the Museum of Aviation. We have sponsored 2 kids to attend the Spectacles Camp, a math/science summer program for girls, held at Wesleyan College. We have partnered with Mercer Youth Programs to sponsor 2 students each to Math and Science camps. Finally, five students will be attending the Museum of Aviation's Young Astronauts’ Day on May 6.

We'd like to give a special thanks to everyone who has helped us so far to achieve our goal of spreading love for math/science throughout the Macon community. In the near future, we plan on continuing our efforts by sponsoring more local children to math/science summer camps and organizing free informative math/science sessions.  

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SIMS Macon has partnered with Museum of Aviation for sponsoring 5 students for Young Astronauts’ Day. More information can be found at Museum of Aviation Young Astronauts’ Day
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SIMS Macon has partnered with Mercer University Macon Campus for sponsoring 4 students for Youth University for "Key Concepts - Math" and "Key Concepts - Science".For more information about the camp, please visit Mercer Youth Programs
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SIMS Macon has partnered with Wesleyan to sponsor two girls for the Spectacles Camp Summer program. For more information about the camp, please visit Spectacles Camp

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SIMS Macon has sponsored 10 students for the STEM Summer camps at Museum of Aviation. More information can be found at Museum of Aviation

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