Recently, SIMS Macon has partnered with STEM Sims. Thanks to a generous donation from STEM Sims of four one-year access codes to their STEM simulations, we can enhance STEM educational opportunities in the Middle Georgia area. We are currently working to distribute these access codes accordingly to local middle schools.
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In our first year of action, we are proud to say that we have spread a passion for math/science throughout the Macon community. We have raised enough funds to sponsor a total of 21 kids to attend local math/science camps. Specifically, we have sponsored 10 kids to attend STEM Summer camps at the Museum of Aviation. We have sponsored 2 kids to attend the Spectacles Camp, a math/science summer program for girls, held at Wesleyan College. We have partnered with Mercer Youth Programs to sponsor 2 students each to Math and Science camps. Finally, five students will be attending the Museum of Aviation's Young Astronauts’ Day on May 6.

We'd like to give a special thanks to everyone who has helped us so far to achieve our goal of spreading love for math/science throughout the Macon community. In the near future, we plan on continuing our efforts by sponsoring more local children to math/science summer camps and organizing free informative math/science sessions.  

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SIMS Macon has partnered with Museum of Aviation for sponsoring 5 students for Young Astronauts’ Day. More information can be found at Museum of Aviation Young Astronauts’ Day
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SIMS Macon has partnered with Mercer University Macon Campus for sponsoring 4 students for Youth University for "Key Concepts - Math" and "Key Concepts - Science".For more information about the camp, please visit Mercer Youth Programs
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SIMS Macon has partnered with Wesleyan to sponsor two girls for the Spectacles Camp Summer program. For more information about the camp, please visit Spectacles Camp

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SIMS Macon has sponsored 10 students for the STEM Summer camps at Museum of Aviation. More information can be found at Museum of Aviation

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